Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Auntie Sis and Me!!

This week did not start off on a good note, my favorite Aunt in the whole world passed away during the night Sunday.  She lived in Montana, which is a few hours away from me in Washington and I hadn't seen her in a year and a half.  Her name is Vivian Cecelia Russell Honrud,  my Auntie Sis.  She was born in Custer, WA in 1932 and was the youngest and only girl with 5 older brothers, one being my Daddy.  She married my Uncle Fred (LeRoy) and moved to Loma, Montana to be a wheat farmers wife.  She had 6 kids, my cousins Don, Rick, LeAnn, Nanci Jo, Les and Russ.  A few years ago, my cousin LeAnn lost her battle with cancer and passed away!  My Dad loved his baby sister and missed her every day, when they would talk on the phone or get together, the love and laughter just flowed so openly between the two.  When Keith and I found out that we were having twin girls, we named Cecelia after her.   My aunt was here right before my dad passed away, we knew the day she left that he didn't have much time, he told her not to turn around, that it was ok and he passed away the next morning.  I know in my heart that my Daddy was waiting for her and they are together, telling jokes and fishing with my Grandma.  

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