Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beginning the Christmas cards and the stocking!

This is the beginning of the Christmas cards - and the beginning of the making of Lincoln's stocking. My sister the sewing queen made the red stocking and now I will be appliqueing the snowman like the other two boys' onto Lincoln's and then adding their "ornament" for this year. Calvin picked out who gets what this year!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Venturing to craft stores on my own. . . . .

I figured out the Christmas cards for our business, I am going to use the stamp Poinsettia Joy from Clear Dollar Stamps that Lori (Thank you Lori!) had sent to Katie Renz but she didn't get a chance to use them, so wonderful Kevin let me borrow them and ink them. I am sure that Katie was guiding me.

So, I ventured out to Joann's and Michael's by myself today! It was hard, because to be honest, that was something that Katie and I used to do, usually about 7 pm, one of us would call and say, let's go!! We haven't done it for a while since the cancer got in our way, and now we won't get to do it again! But, I knew she was there because I stood at the punches for a long time and we used to do that every time!! LOL I mean we even went on Thanksgiving night one year!!!!! (don't remember if it was last year or the year before!!!} I took my colors and my list and I found what I needed. I also found some shimmery floss for the snowman for Lincoln's stocking and each year I put something special on each boys stocking and I found those too!! Wish I had started that for my girls, their stockings are plain!! So, here is my stash, you also will see the new black stamp pad and the CTMH stamp pad that I borrowed from Katie's last week. Even with my bestie not here physically, I know she is guiding me from above!

I miss you Stamp Katie!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Cards and Missing Somebody.

These are some of the Christmas cards I have been doing the last few days. The stamps are from Clear Dollar Stamps and were unstamped before the other day. When I went to Katie Renz's twin boys' birthday party, Kevin and I ventured down to her craft room so I could borrow a black stamp pad, since mine has taken a vacation. Katie had these in her new release to do basket and so I borrowed two sets. I am really missing her, she was my best friend, there was no drama, no nothing, just honest friendship and love! I don't know if there will ever be a friend like her again in my life.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where oh where has the time gone!!

Ok, wow, over a year has gone by and things have so changed in my life, my best friend Katie has fought cancer and lost, my girls are now Seniors in high school and I have a new baby nephew that has been added to the daycare. I had surgery in October and am slowly getting my act together. I have started doing cards again and I have missed it! So, I am going to be getting back in the swing of things, I have only bought one stamp this year and have not used it yet!! I have made some Thank you cards so I thought I would share those today.