Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!!

So I am a few days late wishing you a Happy New Year. I have been busy rearranging my craft room. A few months ago, I moved my mom's sewing cabinet out into the dining room and put my machine on it and have been sewing up a storm, but by moving it, it left a good size space that filled up quickly in the craft room!! I used an old dining table to do my crafts on and used lots of rolling carts (3) and 3 drawer plastic totes and boxes to hold all my stuff. I even had an old broken square laundry basket full of stuff! You can see how it was in this picture.
And yes, there is a saddle holder in the bottom right, kid left it in there for a few weeks!! This used to be a second bedroom, but my brother-in-law put a hallway in to the back door and the old carport bedroom is through this room, so it really isn't big enough to use as an actual bedroom and I have used it for a craft room since we bought the house from him in 2001. I have always wanted to have cabinets so I can hide stuff and get more organized, so Mr. Wonderful got me my cabinets last weekend, we chose the unstained and unpainted ones and stained them ourselves. I got the cheapest countertop since I am sure it will be stained with ink and stuff soon!! I have spent three days going through stuff and I have two rolling carts now - one is all the scrapbooking for the Disneyland Albums and fastpitch that all need to be finished and the other one is different stuff, like one drawer is all my Tim Holtz stuff, one is my melting pot and UTEE, one is all my glitter and stuff like that!! So here is what it looks like now, still need to figure out where everything goes but I have been working in it tonight on a scrapbook and a card!!
The long white shelf I got at a second hand shop and it is like new. My papers fit in perfectly and I have my bling in one drawer and flowers and pretties in another so they are handy. My few Copics fit in it too and I can see them all. The big ribbon shelf in the first 'new room' picture is really special to me. It was my bestie Katie Renz's! A guy who worked with Kevin made it just for her ribbons and when Kevin re-did Katie's craft space, he gave it to me! I finally have it on the wall and full!! It makes me smile!!! So thanks for letting me share my new space. I am so happy with it!!!


sandy encinas said...

Hi Becky! Your craftroom looks so inviting. I like your stamps on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Love it.

Chef Mama Lori said...

Totally impressed by the organization! Come do mine! LOL!