Monday, January 2, 2012

A project I have been working on is a Chicken book for 2012. We got 7 baby chicks in March of last year, ended up with two Roosters, George and Mork who moved to Keith's brothers farm. George still lives there, but Mork ended up getting eliminated by George. One of the babies died and one got ate by the dog, so we ended up with three, Princess (a white Delaware), Little One (a Barred Rock), and Rockstar (a Americana). So, on July 1st, we got 8 more! Buffy (Buff Orpington), Penelope and The Other One (Ancana's), This and That (Barred Rocks) Ginger (Rhode Island Red) Spongebob (Delaware) and Squirt (who we thought was an Amercana, but it Cicilian something). So, they run half of our backyard. We usually get 9 eggs a day now and we share them with our friends, the Renz's and family and friends. I wanted to keep track of egg production - Browns, whites and Easter Egg colors and how much they cost us, so I took a composition book and made a journal!! Calvin with some of the ones we got in July.
Rockstar, Princess and Little One in the yard.

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