Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not much to post!!

I haven't got much to post, I have been making some ornaments and working on my family history this week. I have lots of notebooks full of family history and have been working on it off and on for about 7 years. Still trying to find my g-g- grandparents on the Russell side!!! I need to go to Brasher Falls, New York and search for my g-grandparents marriage license, I guess. I know when, where and the minister but can't find it online!!

I have also been researching where my dh Keith's dad was held when he was a POW during WWII. Keith's dad passed away in 1976 when Keith was 8 and his mom in 1992 before we were married and I didn't know before that I would want to know!! On Sunday, we went to his Aunt and Uncle's 66th wedding anniversary and she had more family pictures for me. And in with the pictures was a postcard that Keith's dad sent to her in 1945 from the Prison camp - Stalag 1X B Bad Orb- written right on it. Oh my goodness, I about cried. So I went into the POW archives and found his name. Now I know exactly where he was. I spent hours and lots of postage in 2003 tracing down the men in his unit and corresponded with a few - but they did not know where he was held because they went different places. He was held by the Germans from Dec. 18, 1944 until Bad Orb was liberated in April of 1945 by an American unit. I am still alive, just working on different things.

(This is what it says-

Camp de prisonniers
M.-Stamm_ger 1X B Bad Ord* Date 1-9-45*

Dear Pearl + Family
I am fine and in a P.W. camp
now. You can send me a box
if you will please of peanuts
ca and kraft cheese. I
hope to see you soon.
Tell everybody hellow.
Your bub Roy*
* Written in pencil by Roy Sorensen

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