Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Present!!

Look what I got in the mail Friday!!! A few months back my friend Tina got one of these, delivered in bubble wrap by FEDEX, while her dh, my dh and our kids were at her house!! I admit, I was a tad envious because I am really, umm, into tape!! I use a lot to make things stick!! hehe So, the other day she told me that there would be a package coming and I said ok, what did you order now?
(Ok, I need to explain why things might come to my house for her- their house was broken into 4 days before Labor Day. They broke the window into her two boys' room and literally ransacked their home. Luckily they were not home as they also have a almost 4 yr old little girl. Well, we ran right up when she called-2 mins we were there(Keith, me and the girls!) Well, that night we helped board up the window, we took the little one home and then that Sat. and Sun. I helped clean up glass. It is unbelievable how far glass goes when they use a shovel and it was the inside window and then a storm window~ well they wanted to pay me and I said no, that is what families are for - her dh and I grew up with the same backyard and our moms were best friends until my mom passed away 3 years ago.)

So, she said, no it is for you!! Oh My goodness, I love it! I love it!!! I love it!!! So, thank you my friends.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome gift and a touching story!! I love friend-families!! Congrats on the ATG...I want one too!!

specialcraftmom4 said...

What a sweet gift! You are a great friend (: