Friday, May 18, 2012

An end to Fastpitch and Cottonwood trees!

The last week has been filled with a little sadness and alot of allergies. Last Friday, my girls played their last game of fastpitch for their high school team. They started their season playing 2nd and 3rd bases, but due to the pitcher getting hurt, they moved Cis to pitching. Her first game of pitching, the catcher got hurt and so Catie became catcher for the rest of the season.
Cissy Pitching!
Catie Catching!
Catie is hitting and Cis is on deck! They didn't make it to Districts this year, but they had some fun playing and the team did awesome. Last weekend, after a few days of warm sunshine, the cottonwood trees started popping open and blowing cotton, which makes my allergies explode. So I have done nothing but try to sleep when I am not coughing or blowing my nose. Makes it hard to get anything done around the house, let alone in my craft room. I did get a great present today, I won a Xyron pack from Ali Edwards website on a share she had with Xyron. I got a 5"Creative Station, a sticker maker, a tape runner, a mega tape runner and a glue stick that has an edge for corners!!

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