Wednesday, December 21, 2011

There was a small celebration of sorts last night in our house! The baby's stocking was finally done. I had lost the cute buttons, got some other ones and then found the cute ones, so they got put on the boys' stockings! Some history of these huge stockings - When my nephew Jason was about 10, my mom made him this huge stocking. He lived with my parents and was spoiled (by me too, as I was 12 years older than him). When he got married, my mom made his wife Kristy one too, the same size! When Landon came along, she made him one! My mom passed in 2005, so when Calvin was born in 2007, they asked me to make him one, my sister sewed the stocking and I did all the snowman work. This year, I realized around the first of October, I needed to make a new one for Lincoln, so my sister sewed the stocking and I finished it last night.
Each year the little boys get a new special button or pin or embellishment that signifies something in the past year. This year Landon got a baby in a buggy and Calvin got a baby in a bathtub for Lincoln being born. When Landon started kindergarten, he got a schoolhouse. Landon's is on the left and Calvin's on the right.

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Jak Heath said...

Oh Becky I love the additional add ons each year to signify something for them, such a fabulous idea. Merry Christmas to you all.
Jak x