Saturday, April 4, 2009

Am I really a slacker??????

OK, i have this friend, who shall remain nameless, but you can view her awesome work HERE!!! who called me a slacker??? (Ok, it is Katie, haha go look at what she has done lately!!)

OK, I guess I have been. It has been three weeks since a post. Well, I got sick and then, on the 27th until yesterday, I got to have the fun of my two nephews, Landon who is almost 5 and Calvie who is almost two (Both next month), spending the week with me. 24/7!! I have the boys during the week, but mommy is usually here by 5 pm to pick them up. So, between having a cough that kept me awake, the boys, my girls and their fast pitch schedule and then baby Kayla three days, I haven't posted a thing, I have worked on about three cards, but my camera is full and needs to be downloaded but I need Cissy to do it as I did a video of Kayla talking.

I actually slept in until 7:30 this morning and plan on working on some cards today - my brother retired this past week and we are getting together tomorrow to celebrate this. I have decided that I am not old enough to have a brother who is retired!! LOL It is a good thing it is in job only because he is the world's oldest teenager!!!

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Katie Renz said...

HA! I would never be as rude as to call you a "Slacker"! But, tell Cissy to get to downloading, cuz I'm waiting! By the way... I made 4 cards with your Bunny Love stamp set. That is the cutest set and you are the bestest ever!