Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lily's Snack!!

We have a yellow lab who is almost 3!! She is a good dog, but a big dog. At night she sleeps in our room and we put a baby gate up so she can't roam the house. She has been sleeping lately with the girls in the living room since their room is to cold for them. But, on Sunday night, the girls were gone at Landon and Calvin's house, so I finished getting the Christmas cards that needed to be mailed ready and they were sitting on the coffee table next to the rest that needed to have pictures added for the family cards to be delivered on Christmas eve. Dh decided to go to bed and I went into my crap, I mean craft room to work on a few cards and I heard a crash!!

This is what I discovered -

And this is Lily - Lily the Pilly


Alison Anderson said...

Oh no! I have dalmations that have caused the same sort of scene at our house- you gotta love em tho!


Ann said...

Oh, what a devil! At least she's a cute devil! :D

Susan said...

Oh My! Some puppy is getting coal in her stocking this year:-)

Katie Renz said...

Shame on Lily at least she is stylishly fed (lol)

Lisa H. said...

Yep! got me one of those good dog/bad dogs. Mine always knows he'll find good things in my craft room. He is obsessed with Hemp Twine, what does that say about him, hmmmmm?! TFS your story.