Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today is our girls' 14th birthday. So hard to imagine 14 years ago at 5:01 am Catie appeared and at 5:21 am Cis finally showed up. I am still waiting on that girl!!!!lol So, Happy Birthday girlies - Mom and Dad love ya!!!!! Have a wonderful day. Little did Dad and I know that day we walked down the aisle to Garth Brooks singing Two of a Kind Workin on a full house that it would truly come true!!! All because two people fell in love!!!!!!!! _Update- Catie is on the left with the rounder cheeks, Cis is on the right!!! Oh and that is Keith with lots of hair and no gray in it then!! LOL


Katie Renz said...

Happy birthday girlies :) Ahhh you two were so cute (still are)

Beckie said...

Happy Birthday Girls!!!!
LOL, how cute are they!!!

Just so you know Becky, I love "small town southern man" by Alan Jackson, actually I love him. LOL.