Friday, June 13, 2008

My girls are headed to High School!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night was the 8th grade graduation/celebration at Shuksan and these are my beauties!!! Catie, who has not worn a dress since 3rd grade or anything that might resemble being girly, actually asked for a dress. So, here they are!! Catie is wearing the black and silver, Cissy the white!!! And Keith and I made these pretty things!!! hehehe

We are very proud of them - even tho' today they shrink wrapped their AVID teachers car!!!!!!lol


Ann said...

Your girls are beautiful Becky - you must be very proud of them!! Thanks for sharing your lovely photo!! xx

SBS 14

Beckie said...

Your girls are absolutely gorgeous!!!! You should be proud.

And just quietly i think we all done something naughty like that at school. Didn't we???