Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Most Wonderful Daddy!!

Leonard "Guff" Russell
July 13, 1924 to March 14, 2004

Today is the fourth year anniversary of my dad's passing. He was a wonderful Dad!! A WWII veteran who worked with all veterans in our community helping them get pensions and to work through their demons. He was a wonderful grandfather whose grandkids could do no wrong!! He taught my siblings and I to work hard, dream, respect others, stand up for our flag and country, support our soldiers and to be honest!! I still am very lonely for my dad - It is a loneliness that sometimes overtakes my heart!!


Stampvamp said...

Thank GOD for dad's like yours. Hugs to you Becky!

Little Bird Design said...

Hi Becky

I'd like to tell you it gets easier with time, it hasn't for me.
Much love to you at this difficult time.
Gayle x

Shaz said...

sending you a big hug xx

Rima said...

thinking of you Becky & sending you a {hug}


Meredith said...

Sending you big NJ (((((HUGS))))) Sis!!!!!! What a beautiful tribute to your Dad!!!